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It was Rudy Baylor last semester in law school as it was his assignment to give free advice to a group of seniors. It is at that very time, and that very place, that Rudy encounters his first true clients, Dot and Buddy Black. A powerful insurance company Great Benefits with millions of dollars in assets had taken advantage of them. They had caused the suffering of a young man; they had ruined his chances to live by not issuing the medical coverage as described in the policy. Donny Ray, the son of Dot and Buddy, was now dying of Leukemia, his chances for survival were over, and now it was only a matter of months until he died. Rudy had acquired a tremendous first case here. There was a great problem, however. Rudy was broke, and he had not even passed his bar exam. He would now have to go head to head with one of America's most experiences and accomplished defense attorneys.

Rudy is in luck, though. As the trial began, he was given a judge that was definitely on his side and 12 jury members that the thought the same way that he did. After researching Great Benefits, the insurance company, Rudy discovered the cover-ups by the company. He also discovered Great Benefits' harsh way of getting rid of their numerous mistakes. Obviously, Rudy is not stupid. He enters all the facts that he has discovered and uses them to help solidify his position in the minds of the jurors. As the trial went on, Rudy faced yet another problem. At the hospital, that Rudy is studying at he has noticed a beaten girl. Her husband had repeatedly beaten her with an aluminum softball bat. Her ankle is broken and her life is in shreds. Rudy knows...