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In the book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr you get sucked into a journey about a young German girl called Anna and hoe her life changes when Hitler takes over. Anna is imaginative, social and intelligent. The book makes out Anna's personality very well.

Anna has a great imagination and loves to write and usually writes about disasters. She can write amazing poems when is feeling down or upset. After doing an exam Anna receives a letter and prize money from the mayor of Paris regarding a story she had written about her father's journey. She would love to become a famous writer like her father but she sometimes doubts herself.

Anna is a bit of a social butterfly. When she starts school in Switzerland she tries to socialise with the boys when that isn't what they do. This leads to being loved by the Swiss boys and them chasing her.

Anna makes friends very quickly were ever she goes. When Anna starts school in France she has a girl called Collette to look after her..."Collette took Anna's hand and lead her out the door." They took to each other straight away.

Anna is intelligent which helps her when she has to learn French. She learned French very quickly considering the amount of time she had been in France.

She doubted herself a lot while she was learning but she was determined and woke up one day realising she had succeeded..."Then one day her whole world changed."

In conclusion I really liked this book. I related to Anna and her difficulties made me think about what I would do in that situation. Anna's intelligence, imagination and sociability helped get her through her hard times.