The Character McMurphy in "One flew over The Cookoo's nest"

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McMurphy relates to many characters in different ways, but the only one he is compelled to help is Billy. He talks to Cheswick and the others in ways that he can use to manipulate them. When talking to Billy he is always looking out for Billy's interest. In the end he sacrifices himself in order to free the other patients from Nurse Ratched's dictatorship.

When McMurphy arrives at the hospital none of the patients truly think for themselves. McMurphy exploits this at first and manipulates them until without realizing it they start acting like their true selves and standing up for what they really believe in. Before McMurphy came nobody ever wanted a change, but when they realize that they want things to be different they don't say anything until Cheswick stands up and brings the topic of cigarette's being rationed to light.

"I aint no little kid to have cigarettes kept from me like cookies!We want something done about it, aint that right, Mack?I want something done!I WANT SOMETHING DONE!I WANT IT DONE NOW!"McMurphy is distinguishable as a good person by the way he relates to other patients.

Towards Harding he is an intellectual person who understands Harding's strains and understands what his fancy terms mean, for Cheswick he is the only person who will back him up and will teach him to become the person he used to be and stand up for what he believes in, and for Billy he is almost like a big brother figure of sorts. McMurphy wants Billy to be out having fun like other teenage boys instead of sitting in a hospital. McMurphy never fails to take action when he thinks it could benefit the other patients, especially Billy. McMurphy's character becomes a savior of sorts to the...