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Portia, the husband of Brutus, demonstrates trustworthiness, loyalty, and observance in Julius Caesar.

She shows Brutus that he can trust her when she says "I have made strong constancy, giving myself a voluntary wound Here in the thigh. Can I bear that with patience And not my husband's secrets?" (II, i, 299-302). The action of Portia stabbing herself allows her to show Brutus that she can resist the pain of the knife and keep the secret of having the wound, while showing no sign of it. Brutus knows that if she can keep that secret then she can keep any secret.

Portia is loyal to her husband, Brutus, and to their marriage. She is willing to stab herself just to help Brutus by finding out what he was worrying about. She exhibits her loyalty to their marriage when she says "Within the bond of marriage, tell me, Brutus, Is it expected I should know no secrets that appertain to you?"¦To keep with you at meals, comfort you in bed, And talk to you sometimes?" (II, i, 280-285).

She is saying that she is his wife and he should be able to trust him.

Portia is also very observant. When she saw that Brutus was awake early in the morning she knew that something was bothering him. She notices that Brutus could not eat, talk, nor sleep for the past couple days, which led her to think that something was wrong. She continually asks, "Is Brutus sick?" (II, i, 261), which lets the reader know that she notices something suspicious. She uses this statement so that Brutus will tell her the reason for his discomfort.

Throughout Julius Caesar, Portia is trustworthy, loyal, and observant. She uses these characteristics wisely in order to persuade Brutus to tell her his worries.