Character Review of Bizet's Carmen

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Bizet's Carmen is reputed to be the most famous opera in the world. June 3th, 1875 Carmen was given in Paris for 33rd time to increasing success (Lawson). Carmen is one of the most popular opera's with its audience all over the world. And the reason is why Carmen is so famous is the literature, drama, music and especially for its characters that make everything come to life: Carmen, Don Jose, and Escamillo. Each character is unique in their own way, and they each add their own element to the opera, making it a great piece of art.

Carmen is the central character of this opera. Carmen is a gipsy girl working in a cigarette factory and belongs to a band of gypsy smugglers and criminals. She is a character that shows erotism and freedom. Her love is playful, anarchic, and elusive. She is loved by men and despised by women.

Carmen is a character full of passion and sensuality that drives men crazy; however, she uses her power and beauty to attract men, and manages to mix business with love. She is a flirtatious and independent woman, whose gypsy nature is the low of freedom. From very beginning she lets us know that she loves freedom of every kind, especially when it comes to love. Carmen often describes love with two images: first a gypsy child that toy with affection, and second, a bird of freedom (Wallis 11). Overall, freedom is the most important part of her existence. She can be dangerous to the point that it can be distractive. She is a type of person that loves playing with fire without worrying about getting burned. She is very sure of herself. Carmen is not someone who likes to express her feelings. She does not seem to trust...