This is a character sketch on Joe Gargery from the book Great expectations, writen by Charles Dickens

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Joe Gargery isn't the smartest man, but he is honest, well manered, and an all around good guy. He lives a simple life in England. He lives with his wife and step son in a small house in the country. They have their differences, but Joe is the "happy medium" of the three. Joe plays a very important role in Pip's (his step son) life.

In the beginning Joe acts as the "good" parent to Pip. Mrs. Joe, on the other hand, is an ill tempered mother. To put put it more bluntly, she is a short fused bitch. Pip looks to Joe not only as a father figure, but as a companion. no matter how much trouble Pip is in Joe is always there to lend a comforting hand.

Joe works as the village blacksmith. He is very skilled at what he does, and has no shame in doing it.

He isn't a very educated man, but he knows how to get through life with very few speed bumps. Joe's kind-heartedness helps Pip in many ways in his very odd life. For example, Pip falls very ill for about a month, and joe is there at his side until he is well. When he leaves, he only left a note explaining that Joe has paid off all his debts while he was ill, and that he doesn't need to be paid back.

Joe is a gracious, and well manered man. He knows how to handle even the most difficult of people, like his wife Mrs. Joe. He can act like a father or a friend. Because of these characteristics, in my opinion, Joe is a good man.