Character Sketch by: Trevor M. McDowell

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Character Sketch

Six feet tall, brown hair and eyes. A nice complexion anyone can see. Rosy red cheeks accompanied by inviting eyes. A muscular build covered by fat. Girls' think he's cute, guys think he's cool. Both genders agree he's a genuine person. He accepts people for who they are, not what. He's emotionally matured beyond most of his age group. His peers are now realizing his worth. Some wishing they would've been nicer, some wishing they would've known him better. Even his friends don't know him that well. They don't know that inside of him is an emotional hell.

Hidden so deep away are emotions and secrets. These are dangerous to him as people look towards him for happiness and comfort. His true feelings are never released, a master of his own emotions, always appearing happy, seemingly as if nothing is ever wrong. If someone were to expect that something was wrong and they were to ask, he'd simply say, "nothing".

Deep inside he's uncomfortable with his own feelings and always whorled in self-doubt. He wants to be accepted, he wants to be loved, but all he can do is nothing. Nothing because all he does is fear. He's so afraid of rejection he doesn't even want to try. Within the few relationships he's been involved in, the heartfelt ones always seem to end in bitterness. He's felt emotions that he has come to regret. Rage, jealousy, anger, also lusts for revenge. These are evils and need to be put away, they are what create war. Although these certain emotions have never emerged while others are around.

None the less he tries his hardest to lead a righteous life, led by honesty and truth. He never smokes, does drugs, and rarely he drinks. He doesn't give in to other...