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Brian "El Arma" Estardio

Since his birth on August 18, 1980, Brian "El Arma" Estardio was forsaken. Of Cuban and Irish descent, he is the offspring of an alcoholic and deadbeat man, Alfie Estardio; his mother was a chain-smoking, relief collecting, abusive woman, Maurine O'Connor. Standing at a cool 6"3 and 179 lbs, Brian has green eyes, and brown, lanky hair. He has a wide face with a square jaw and hollowed out cheeks, due to the hunger. He has facial hair, and a scar on his left eyebrow due to his father hitting him with bottle when he was 9 years old. His perfect vision can be asserted by his family's lack of a TV, computer or books. Brian's very tanned and rough looking skin is because he has been exposed to the elements for most of his life, due to homelessness. Brian is a compulsive finger biter and smoker, but doesn't drink due to his father's addiction.

As the eldest of 5 children, Brian learned from a very young age the concept of "survival of the fittest" because his parents imposed on him the responsibility of not only raising his siblings, but himself.

As a child he was sweet natured and caring. Always the top of his class, and was mentally established for his age; Brian even skipped the 4th grade. His full potential was never reached, because of his low socioeconomic status; his parents could never afford to send him to science camp like his teachers suggested. However, the seeds of contempt were in full bloom by the time he was 12. He despised his family for ruining his childhood. Brian could never go out and play with the other kids because his parents were always forcing him to cook or bathe his younger siblings. Yet,