A character trait I find detestable in men: hitting women.

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Men Who Hit Women Aren't Men

Have you ever had a friend who hit a woman? I used to, and he once hit his girlfriend in front of me. What kind of man hits a woman? What actions should a woman take that's in an abusive relationship? As a friend of either a man who regularly hits women or as friend of a girl who often gets beaten what should you do? Friends of such people need to realize the poor character traits of these men, help women in such situations in any way possible, and deal with the women beaters appropriately.

Men who hit women usually have many poor character traits that lead them to commit these atrocious acts of violence. Obviously these men have very little self-control. This can be seen in many areas of his life. It may be noticeable at the bar when a friend doesn't know how to control his or her drinking, or simply through their lack of control when spending money.

While these don't fall close to hitting a woman, it's evident in their nature of what might be possible. Another very noticeable trait is a pure lack of a respect for women in the way a man speaks to his friends regarding females or in the way he converses with girls in general. I have two friends that have recently ended an abusive three year relationship. Every character trait mentioned above clearly shows in the life of the man in this relationship. Many of his friends, including myself, have known of his terrible temper over the years; but never did we imagine him taking it so far as to hit her. Much of this is due in part to improperly dealing with insecurity issues. It's one way of creating a sense...