Character Traits in "Lord of the Flies"

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Intertwined Character Traits

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is an allegory for the fate and or state of modern man. Each character in the novel exemplifies important ideas and states of modern man. Jack, Simon, Ralph and Piggy all signify important ideas in the novel. They are an allegory for human connection to either savage or civilized instinct.

Ralph, the leader and guardian of the boys, represents order, civilization and leadership that all the boys need while they are on the island. Humans need order and structure to be able to have a stable society. Ralph keeps his leadership throughout the novel because his main priorities are keeping the boys under control, building and gathering necessities for the boys. Ralph calls a meeting and when all the boys are shouting out their thoughts and ideas, Ralph declares, "We can't have everybody talking at once.

We'll have to have 'Hands up' like at school" (33). Ralph takes control and silences the crowd of children. He reminds them that they must not forget the order that was kept back home. As leader, Ralph brings civilization to the island and signifies order and leadership. Without Ralphs determination to keep order and structure all the boys would be unorganized, people would go missing and they would not get anything done. Eventually all the boys could have died without Ralph's leadership.

Piggy represents the intellectual aspect of civilization. He is a level headed boy and although he does not always succeed he tries to pass on his knowledge to the rest of the boys. Even leaders like Ralph need people like Piggy in their society. Mankind needs intellectual aspects in order to survive. Piggy is an allegorical character, he signifies the importance...