"The Character of a Women in Development"

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Dealing with emotional issues can be both complicated and difficult. Now and then the writer is willing to expose two very individual features of his or her emotional nature. Such a writer is brave enough to look back on sadder times, as well as to think of a loving memory, a writer honest enough to know that all life includes the suffering of punishment. The reader can portray both the dark and lighter sides of life. Charlotte Bronte is such a writer that in her novel "Jane Eyre" she lets the reader know that she is dealing with a character such as Jane Eyre with emotional issues, letting the reader recognize it through a religious theme using characterization.

"Jane Eyre" is the novel of a woman who goes from being an abused young child to a powerful young woman. In the process, she discovers much about life, relationships, and herself.

She discovers that she is in need for independence in two aspects: economically and emotionally. I call them the two important 'e' in Jane Eyre's life as she encounters the different situations she will come across in life as she explores the worlds that are out there ready to be discovered by the one person who has the 'guts' to fight for what they believe and deserve in life.

Throughout the story she obtains financial independence when she receives the inheritance of a lost family member. After all the turmoil she suffers in the novel she achieves emotional independence when she finally gets that she is the only person who can help herself and she has to struggle the obstacles in the path if she wants to conquer life. Jane Eyre is not only successful in terms of wealth and position, but more importantly, in terms of family and love.