Characteristics and Environment of a Human Service Agency

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University of Phoenix College of Health and Human Services BSHS/462 - Building Community in Organizations Week One

Week One - Individual Assignment

Characteristics and Environments of a Human Service Organization Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,500-word APA formatted paper about a human service organization that you have selected, in which you are interested, or of which you are aware. The organization must be a national, state, or local program. You must address the following questions:

What are the organization's vision and mission?

How is the organization governed and staffed?

What are some of its key stakeholders-those that have influence on an organization? How do these stakeholders influence the organization?

What community collaborations and marketing and public relations strategies does the organization employ? Why are these collaborations important to the organization and the community?

How does the organization demonstrate the valuing of diversity?

What environmental trends-political, economic, social, and technological-are they facing? How well is the agency managing these trends and forces?

4 = Excellent Performance - Work quality is exemplary and demonstrates conceptual understanding.

3 = Above Average Performance - Work exceeds the minimum expectations for the assignments as discussed in the curriculum.

2 = Average Performance - Accomplishes only the minimum requirements as outlined in the curriculum. The student's work may demonstrate knowledge but lacks application and/or synthesis.

1 = Below Average-Failing - The student demonstrates minimal competencies. The student is unable to document or demonstrate evidence of meeting minimal expectations for the appropriate college level work.







Major points and specific examples are clear. Content is organized with multiple examples that logically follow the instructor-approved project and the paper is 1,050- to 1,750-words in length.

Major points are clear with some specific examples and details. Content is organized with some examples that logically...