Characteristics of early childhood friendships-using two texts

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Childhood friendships are very significant in life. Boyhood friendships are principally very noteworthy. In a memoir by Frank Conroy and in an excerpt from a novel by William Maxwell, this type of friendship is exposed. Boys typically tend to be very open and relaxed with each other during their relationships. They also fill up their time with various adventurous activities. Lastly boys often rely on each other for companionship when they are young. Boyhood friendships are so significant that they are remembered for a lifetime.

Even at the very beginning of their friendships, boys tend to be very open and comfortable with each other. In Frank Conroy's memoir he mentioned the first time him and his friend Tobey met. Within moments of seeing each other they came right out and made plans to "get some wire and a couple of dry-cell batteries and string it up between out houses."

The boys instantly became friends. Tobey insisted right away, "Let's go swimming..." "Okay I'll have to get my bathing suit" "Heck you don't have to there's nobody around". By this conversation one can see how open and comfortable boys are around each other even after they just meet. The excerpt from William Maxwell's novel tells about a similar experience between two boys. "I looked down through this whole and saw Cletus Smith...I said, 'Come on up'". This situation shows how welcoming the narrator is when he saw Cletus for the first time. Even as their relationships progress, boys are very at ease around each other. Frank Conroy explains, "Often we'd fall asleep, tired from long ride and the swim, a drowsy, dreamless half-sleep in the sun." The fact that the two friends were relaxed enough to fall asleep next to each other on the ground shows how comfortable the boys...