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Characteristics of these leaders and of their styles:

Mr. Eelkman Rooda completed his degree in business econometrics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He then went on to complete the Master of Business Administration course at the Amos Tuck School (Dartmouth College, in the United States).

In 1977, Mr Eelkman Rooda entered employment at Esso Nederland B.V. (The Hague) and Esso Europe Inc. (London), where he held various positions in the area of treasury and controlling, among others. From 1982 onwards, he held a number of managerial positions within McKinsey & Company Inc. in the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. In 1987, he was appointed Departmental Director of Issues and Syndicates at Algemene Bank Nederland N.V., the Netherlands. In 1989, he re-entered employment at McKinsey & Company Inc. (Amsterdam), initially as a senior manager and from 1991, as a partner and member of the Management Group. His work focused mainly on the transport, energy and industrial processing sectors, primarily within Europe.

Mr. Eelkman Rooda holds various additional positions. Among others, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) and of the Supervisory Board of a nursing home and rehabilitation center.

Mr. Eelkman Rooda has served as a member of the Board of Management of OPG Group since December 1996. Early in 2001, the co-operative was converted into the public limited liability company, OPG Groep N.V. As CFO, Mr. Eelkman Rooda is responsible for the company's finance strategy. Mr. Peek studied at the College of Textile Marketing and Technology in Enschede, the Netherlands College of Economics in Rotterdam and the College of Economics and Social Sciences in St. Gallen in Switzerland, where he also lectured on marketing for some time.

In 1973, Mr. Peek joined Akzo, specifically Organon International, part of the Pharmaceuticals Division.