Characters That Assisted Romeo's Death

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Romeo and Juliet

Tragedy is an entity that has always been captivating to readers and is frequently present within many of William Shakespeare's pieces. The tragedy featured within Romeo and Juliet begins to unfold as the two star-crossed lovers meet and fall in love, but only to realize they belong to rivalling households (Juliet being of the Capulets, and Romeo of the Montagues). Only days after their secluded marriage, complications arise; Romeo is exiled from their city, Verona, and the Capulets declare that Juliet shall be wedded to another gentleman that very week. Although it is these events that offset the suicides of these two adolescents, there are particular characters that contribute in actualizing their deaths. Besides Romeo and Juliet themselves, Friar Laurence, Prince Escalus, and Lord Capulet are all primary culprits that have either directly, or indirectly brought Romeo and Juliet closer to their demise.

Contrary to his superficial image, Friar Laurence is a very irresponsible figure, and is an instrumental character in the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet.

Proving to be almost a direct contribution to the tragedy, the Friar leaves the suicidal Juliet unattended in the Capulets' monument. "Thou hast the strength to slay thyself, then it is likely thou wilt undertake," (IV, i, 73-74); "I dare no longer stay," (V, iii, 165). Completely aware of Juliet's contemplation to commit suicide, the Friar decided to leave Juliet- a naïve youth who had just lost the love of her life- unsupervised with a dagger. Furthermore, he warned the young lovers of the dangers of haste, yet he still carried out his services and married the two without their parents' consent. "They stumble, those that run fast," he lectured, and that is precisely what ended up happening (II, iii, 97). A series of unfortunate events began...