Characters that influence hucks point of view. how differnet characters shape and mold huck view on civilization. Huckleberry finn mark twain

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Hucks Going through an Identity Crisis

Huck's views on civilization and the environment are greatly influenced by the people that Huck is with at the current time and place. When Huck is with Jim he sees everything differently, he doesn't think black people are that bad and sees them as human beings. Jim teaches Huck to grown up and Huck begins to mature when he is with Jim. However when Huck is with Tom he likes to act more childish and he has less of a conscience than with Jim. When Huck is with Tom he wants to be just like tom rebellious, tough, and adventurous. When the Duke and the King travel down river with Huck and Jim at first he respects them because of how well they can lie and wants to mirror them. He likes how they can manipulate people into doing stuff for them. They are a very negative influence of Huck.

They teach him it is ok to have no morals and people with morals are just there to steal from. While Huck lives with Pap he is lazy and doesn't do anything except for eat and sit, he sees all the people who live in town to be obnoxious and very pompous. Huck does not seem to have his own beliefs about the world so he believes what everyone else says, because he is growing up and is still building his morals and believes.

At the beginning of the novel Huck does not care about black people and is very rebellious because he was brought up in a society where white Americans were the leading race in America. He lived with his father who was the least compassionate person for black person that is in the novel. Huck is afraid of his father because...