Characters in "Parkland" by Victor Kelleher

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Parkland's Characters

Victor Kelleher has developed four main characters in this science fiction novel. They are:

CASSIE: She is the only full human out of the three friends and probably the smartest. She is an extremely daring character with an enourmous will to be free. She is very stubborn, like boxer, but unlike boxer is prepared to be discreet to get what she wants. She is also cunning and quick minded and has a great dislike towards authority due to having 'wild blood' included in her genetic makeup when she was bred in captivity. Her main physical abilities include being able to throw well. This becomes relevant when she has to escape from her enclosure by throwing a stone at a button or killing a deadly leopog by throwing an iron bar.

She is very faithful to her two dear friends and would go to extreme lengths to ensure their safety.

Although her friends are part animal she considers them to be the same.

BOXER : Boxer is half baboon half human but he has a good grip on language. He is very smart, even for a human, and is stubborn and not prepared to hold the truth even when threatened. Physically he is very fit and is great at climbing walls.This comes in handy when he is trying to find out information with out being caught.

Half way through the book the keepers do to him what is known as 'deprogramming', which gives him a stroke and his skills are reduced due to the left side of him being limp. Boxer goes through a lot of pain to save his friends and never grizzles or wants anything in return which I find is very admirable. Near the end of the book Boxer commits suicide so not...