Characters,social commentary and message about society in Wilde's play "The Importance of Being Earnest"

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How do the characters change and grow during the course of Wilde's play?

For one, Algy at first does not want to get married. He feels it kills the romance and

ends in divorce. But once he learns about young, pretty Cecily, he wants to meet her

and upon meeting her he is instantly in love and wants to marry. Does he not think that

marring her will kill the romance anymore? Jack grows somewhat from the fact that he

no longer has to make up stories about his family. He finally knows where he came from

and who he really is. Mrs. Bracknell, I think never changed, she is still just as snobbish

as before. She didn't even want to remember the name of Jack's real father.

The characters in the play change a great deal. The character of Algernon Moncrieff

changes drastically. He went from a sinlge bachelor that did not need love to a love sick

fool. His entire thinking of women and marriage changed upon meeting Cecily Cardew.

John Worthing's character did grow some. He was a guy that almost lead a double life

and then he fell in love and wanted his other side, his brother, out of the picture. The

ladies characters especially Cecliy went from a girl to a lady upon meeting Algernon. Lady Bracknell stayed the same and did not change much.

Wilde is making a specific social commentary in his play. What is his message about society?

In this play Wilde is trying to send a message about society to the rich and the poor. He

is saying that no matter what you have or think that you lack society is still going to

judge on what you have and where you came from.

I think the message about...