Charactre Analysis On Mike from the 'Honored Society' by Michael Gambino.

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Character Analysis

On Mike from the 'Honored Society' by Michael Gambino

Murders, drugs, sex, loyalty, and money are only few words that describe Mike's life. Mike is my favorite character from 'The Honored Society' by Michael Gambino. I really enjoyed reading this book; I have to say it's the best book I have ever read. The reason I am writing about Mike is because he had an amazing life throughout the book. In this book Mike shows us how hard mob life truly is. Mike started out by, growing up with mobsters, having a great love life, making sure he does business, and making a name for himself.

When Mike was young, he was already surrounded my mobsters because his dad was head of his mafia family. He always looked up to his father; his father always gave him and his mom what ever they desired. Sometimes Mike would go with his dad and his favorite cousin Tommy, out to some mob related meetings.

At other time Mike would find him staring at a dead body, but he always said, "Dead bodies never bothered me, I never got that puke feeling or nothing like that". With mob actions happening around him on a daily basis, he knew that he would want to become part of the mafia. He wanted to become part of the mob for three main reasons: money, power, and to be respected, that what he saw, his father had. A person that showed him the insides of the mafia was his cousin Tommy, although Mike saw that Tommy was weak, he still provided for the family.

"Attending school as a mobsters son had its advantages," Mike says. When he was in school he never wore jeans or shorts but he always had on a suit,