"Charile and the chocolate factory"

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Charlie is a kid that is very caring child. The other children are greedy and stuck up. The book, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a book that shows the reader that being on top and having a lot of money isn't always good, the most giving and kindest out of them all, is Charlie. The other four children were wealthy and strong but weren't kind and had no manners. All the wealth and greediness they had did not help them inherit Mr. Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

My favorite part of the story is when all of the kids walk into the candy garden. One of the kids jumps in to the chocolate river and gets sucked up in the tube that filters the chocolate. The reason I like that part is because he deserved it for being stuck up and snooty.

My favorite character in the story is Charlie cause he got the chocolate factory.

That would be awesome to own that.

I recommend this book because it is like every kids dream to go to Wonka's chocolate factory. It's like your there in the book. It's also really funny if you're into it.