From Charity to Advocacy

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Upon reading this article, I feel that right now in my life I am more called to charity as opposed to advocacy. I feel that raising awareness as an advocate does is excellent way to create change and is probably more effective than just doing charity work, but due to the fact that I am merely a teenager, I think that I would not be taken as seriously as a more wise or older individual. Say, after establishing myself by doing charity work eventually people would listen to what I had to say and take me seriously. At this stage of my life, I feel more called to charity because that where my help and skills would be most effective. There are always people in need of help, whether it be the poor, sick or homeless, even the elderly, needing our love and affection. An individual, known and respected internationally, such as Cesar Chavez, had a huge opportunity to spread the word and raise awareness and he did not fail to her calling.

He was a true advocate. He did build up her role probably starting off by simple charity work until she gained the trust and respect of her peers. In some cases though anyone can make a difference. Take for example, Craig Kielburger. He was 12 years old when he founded, Free The Children, an international network of children helping children at a local, national and international level through representation, leadership and action. This shows that no matter who you are you can spread awareness and help those in need.

Charity is always beneficial. Doing ten hours of work at a shelter is great, but what about after that. When your ten hours is done, for most of us, that's the end of...