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Charlemagne is thought to have been born around April 1, 742 at a disputed location. He was a German man and had amiable qualities such as strength of body, courage of spirit, pride of race. He was the oldest son of Pippin the Short and his wife, Bertrada of Laon. Charlemagne had two younger siblings, Carloman and Gisela. When Pippin died in September 24, 768, the kingdom of the Franks was divided between Charlemagne and Carloman. They did not lead the best relationship thusforth, but in 771 Carloman died and Charlemagne became the sole king.

After helping Pope Hadrian II in 773, Charlemagne accepted the role of sole protector of the church. He then returned to his capital in Aachen and began a series of 53 campaigns to expand his empire and spread Christianity. He conquested Lombardy. He had 18 campaigns to conquer the Saxons in the east and converted them to Christianity.

He christianized Bavaria and destroyed the Avars. He shielded Italy and the papal states from the Saracens. And he strengthened the defenses of Francia from the Moors of Spain.

Charlemagne conquered and united much of Western Europe. He Christianized his empire, using force when necessary. He was crowned Imperator Augustus in Rome on Christmas Day, 800 by Pope Leo III and is therefore regarded as the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. He had created the first empire in the West since Rome itself. His organization of his empire was fantastic; he made monetary, political, writing, and education reforms to help his empire advance efficiantly. He is regarded as the founding father of France and Germany and is sometimes reffered to as the Father of Europe. He had five wives and by them he had several children. He continued to expand and strengthen his empire until...