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Charles Dawin -His influence on science, church, and society Sean Kim Mrs. Pendlay Period G Charles Darwin is a famous naturalist and scientist, who lived from 1809 to 1882. Although he was born in a rich family, he gave up opportunities for being rich; he chose his interests in Biology. When he was young, he made a long journey to Galapagos, and there he came up with a very new and innovative theory called ¡°Natural Selection¡±. This theory of Natural Selection brought new facts to science of that time, changed religious views, and moreover, made the whole society more realistic and modern.

His theory, Natural Selection, was a totally new idea, and created big revolution in science. Scientist before Darwin believed that all organisms came from different origins. However, Darwin claimed that every organism evolves from another, so eventually all organisms have evolved from one same origin. This was so new that scientist could not believe, but Charles Darwin had good evidences that could prove his theory.

His study of Finches in Galapagos showed that this was true and reasonable. Finches of every island had different beaks, which depend on their diet. Those with fitter beaks could survive better than who didn¡¯t have. As long time passed, the number of finches with fitter beaks increased and finally, after many generations, only they could survive. Darwin said that this is how evolution occurs. Every single organism, including human, had passed this step to become what it is now. Thanks to his new theory, science, especially Biology, improved notably in sudden because Darwin had started new part of Biology to explore- evolution. Afterward, DNA was found and many more specific facts about evolution were discovered. This theory of Charles Darwin had such a huge impact on science, and is often considered as...