Charles Darwin the father of the evolution theory.

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Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin fathered the theory of evolution, this would later become what we now call Darwinism. Many people believe that all roots of evolution come from Darwin's theories. His theories were based on the idea that humans and animals evolved from apes and other species as opposed to being hand created by god himself. The theory that god created people and our great Earth is called creationism. Darwin was first introduced to the idea when he was on a voyage on the H.M.S. All of these new observations triggered his whole thought process and enabled him to concoct the theories of Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection.

Survival of the fittest and Natural Selection are pretty much complete opposites. Survival of the fittest is basically stronger animals surviving and weaker ones dying off, where as natural selection is animals adapting and evolving to survive so they don't die off.

Although both of these theories determine who will survive in the end.

The book Call of the Wild I feel that Jack London was most definitely influenced by Charles Darwin's theories of evolution. Both Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection were shown in the story. This book illustrates very boldly how Buck survived due to being the toughest and roughest dog. The Law of Fang was a watered down version of Survival of the Fittest. Natural Selection however was not shown as well. While Buck was with the clueless group of travelers he saw first hand how Natural Selection picks and chooses which species or breed will survive. One by one the different breeds of dog were knocked off because they couldn't cut it.

Creationism contrasts to evolution! Creationism is backed by religion and evolution is backed by knowledge and logic. Some people very...