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Charles Dickens is a man born in land port, Portsmouth England. Parents named John Dickens and Elizabeth Dickens. Charles died June 9, 1870 of a stroke. Charles was sent to work at the age of 12 to take his father out of debt because he was sent to prison. He was a man who written many books and because of that, that’s what made him so famous. Many people say he had an obsession with work also a life long love affair with his public; that is what made him a great writer.

During Charles Dickens childhood it wasn’t so great because he grew up without a father till twelve. Later then he found another job at the age of fifth teen as an office boy at an attorney while he studied short land at night. Also later on in his life his parents and brothers were after him for his money .During

the same period in 1835 he became engaged to Catherine Hogarth .He was also raised in London which was the largest most spectacular city in the world. Dickens would walk the city streets, 10 or 20 miles at a time, which his descriptions allow readers to experience the sights.

Charles wrote many books during his life time. He liked to write about people’s everyday lives and families. Also he talked about the Victorian life in London. In an example the working class, middle class and Aristocracy. He wrote a novel named The Pickwick papers which was illustrated by Hablot K. Browne,” Phiz”. The Pickwick papers became an enormous popular success. He also wrote a story about his ex Maria Beadnell but it wasn’t so flattering because it later ended because her parents didn’t approve. He also was very successful with his Christmas books.

Dickens was very successful in his life he gained success from many things .By 1832 he became a very successful short land reporter. In November 1837 the Pickwick papers also was an enormous success. Which surprised many people; His Christmas book brought him lots of success during December. In 1850 he succeeded on being an editor for weekly Household words. Dickens somewhat had a goal on Gad’s Hill place which was a mansion. While he was young his father would tell him it took hard work to live in such a house. 36 years later Dickens bought it.

Today in day we still read Dickens books. His books are introduced in many High schools. Many people loved him for his character. I feel Dickens is very charming and brilliant but was also insecure emotionally and I don’t blame him for it because he didn’t really have a healthy family. I feel he was very independent and determined. Sadly in 1869 he collapsed which showed symptoms of a mid stroke. On June 8th 1870 he suffered another stroke which caused his death the next day .No matter what Charles Dickens was one of the greatest British writers of all time, and the most famous writer from the Victorian Era.

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