Charles Dickens' Character Scrooge From "A Chistmas Carol".

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In the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, the character Scrooge is established. Since the late 1800's when the novella was written, Scrooge was thought of as being mean, and continues to be viewed as a stereotype of greediness. In the article "Courage under terrible fire" by Marci McDonald, Josh Fischman, and Mary Brophy Marcus, two brothers, John Moise and William Moise Jr., both firemen from Providence, Rhode Island, go to New York City to help in the World Trade Center disaster. Scrooge, although a terrible man in the beginning of the book, was actually a great person. On the other hand, William and John used their days off the go help out in the disaster relief. They display an act of heroism by leading the way for others to follow. Both of these groups are great, even though they had flaws.

William and John felt that when they had four days off from work that they would take a little trip to New York City to help search for survivors.

They both were part of a bucket passing team used to clear rubble from the Trade Center site.

Most people think of Scrooge as being a terrible man with no heart. On the other hand, some think of him as being a wonderful man with a great heart. In the end of the story, he was generous and cheerful after three spirits visited him.

For me, it is hard to compare William and John to the terrible person Scrooge was in the beginning of the story so I will compare him to William and John as the man he was towards the end of the novella. All of them were heroes in their own way. William and John helped save lives while Scrooge used his wealth...