Charles Foster Kane - Who Was he?

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Charles Foster Kane - Who Was He?

The story of Citizen Kane drew many people to the theatres since they wanted to find out who this Kane fellow is or was. It is unarguably one of the best films ever produced. Orson Wells portrays Kane as mysterious person but also a sad person. The different accounts are shown throughout the movie through the reporter wanting to find out who or what Rosebud is. Rosebud was Kane's last dying words.

The first person the reporter Jerry Thompson sees is the owner of Walter Parks Thatcher's estate and holdings. Thatcher is long dead and who? visits his library and is allowed to inspect the financier's memoirs in manuscript. Through Thatcher's words we see Kane as a boy playing with his sled on a snow-swept Colorado farm. Through his mother, the boy has just inherited a great fortune.

Unable to settle his bill, a prospector who boarded with the Kanes left behind stock certificates that make Mrs. Kane the sole owner of one of the world's great silver mines. She then makes her son the ward of the bank that administers her estate, and Thatcher, whom the angry young Kane bashes with a sled, takes the boy East to be raised. The movie then shows Kane growing up, making life miserable for Thatcher. The mature Kane decides to take direct control of a small, struggling newspaper, and immediately begins using it to attack Thatcher and others among America's financial elite. This displays the mystery with Kane as he wants to expand on something small into something big, but we don't know what.

The next account was given by Bernstein, Kane's devoted assistant. He explains the beginnings as a newspaper...