Charles Fuller - "A Soldier's Play"

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During the 1940s, racism plagued the world. World War II was fully in place with America and the Allies fighting the Axis. Hitler had risen to power in Germany and revealed to the world his racist dream of a "super race." He massacred millions of people who didn't fit his view of the "super race." Meanwhile, in American, the Ku Klux Klan terrorized the blacks of the south. Hundreds of blacks were lynched and many others were threatened. In addition, everything, from schools to bathrooms in America, was segregated. Charles Fuller based his play "A Soldier's Play" during this time of racism. His murder mystery revealed the significant effects of racism in America.

The play begins with the murder of Sergeant Waters, a black officer. Many officers and even the audience is lead to believe the motive behind this murder was racism. Due to their prejudicial assumptions, they suspected the Ku Klux Klan or another white officer of being involved.

Waters was a soldier during the World War I. He witnessed an officer of his color being harassed and laughed at. White officers made him parade around making monkey noises and made a mockery of him. Due to this horrible experience, Waters became racist against his own color. He was racist against the blacks that partied and allowed themselves to be made fun of. CJ was the perfect example and Waters tortured CJ every chance he could get. This led to the CJ's suicide and eventually his own death. Waters was tragically doomed by the effects of racism.

After the murder, Captain Davenport, a black officer, is introduced. His rank shocks the whole army fort. During the 1940s, most high ranked officers were white and high ranked black officers were rare because boundaries were set. Davenport is sent to...