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Charles Lindbergh Character Sketch Charles Lindbergh had many very admirable traits. No matter where her went or what he did he always presented himself with great poise. Some of his traits that I most admire are his determination, his bravery, and his love for his family and aviation.

The first trait that I most admire about Lindbergh is his bravery. He flew non-stop across the Atlantic for 33 hours straight. I love aviation and all, but I couldn't sit in a cockpit for 33 hours straight awake the whole time. I read in the book that occasionally he would get right down 10 feet off the water and let the oceanic spray hit him in the face to try and wake him up. He was the very first man to ever do this, and with only a $25,000 reward, I still wouldn't risk my life for less than $1,000,000.

Another trait that I wish I could have that Lindbergh has is his determination.

I found out that no matter who or what got in Lindbergh's way, they were quickly eliminated. His group of friends and his wife never undermined him for one minute so he rarely had to deal with unconfident people in his abilities. A good example of this is when he was crossing the Atlantic, he knew that no matter what it took he would cross the Atlantic, disregarding all warnings from his family and friends of the great dangers involved in his trans-Atlantinc flight.

The finial trait that I found admirable of Lindbergh that I would like to discuss is his love. Lindbergh, much like me, had an extreme passion and love for aviation and his family. As far as he was concerned, his family and aviation was all he cared about. I found his love for his family to really shine through in 1932 when Lindbergh's twenty month old Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., was kidnapped from there home and left with a $50,000 ransom in the window. Charles of course paid the ransom but his son was tragically found dead several months later in a wooded area a few miles from the Lindbergh Estate.

In my opinion, Lindbergh was a terrific man who despite many obstacles in his life, over came all of them with his Love, determination, and his bravery. Thanks for reading I hope you think that Lindbergh was as great a man as most of the world believes after reading this article.