"Charles Schwab in 2002" What are the main pints of the Charles Schwab's case? What are the lessons learned?

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Introduction:This case introduces Charles Schwab & Co the US's largest financial services providers of securities brokerage, wealth management, and related financial and investment. It was founded in 1975 by Charles Schwab as the first discount brokerage after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) eliminated the fixed-rate commissions. The company was purely brokerage service provider and gradually included many other services like, analyzing financial statements, providing advice, and developing high-tech tools to trade. The case discusses many topics about the history of Schwab Co during those years.

Main Points:1.Company Innovation: During the company's age, technology played a huge part in its survival. It had to go with the new trend to provide many alternative methods to customers to trade, attract and target more customers, and utilize its location in the silicon-valley. Schwab set targets to make use IT. It was aiming to have, high-tech, high-touch, easy-to-use solutions.

Initially, Schwab launched a service extension using regular phones.

The step was successful to ease up the process of trading remotely. Unfortunately, the process was lengthy and time consuming. Later in 1985, the company released Equalizer to trade online using special network access via modem connection. The process was successful. Everyone was pleased and added lots of benefits. Few years later, the company launches another service which was automated voice-response telephone brokerage service.

Schwab Co. kept releasing every few years another application, until it has acquired a famous one (CyberTrader) in 2000. It has enhanced it locally by embedding it with an in-house produce newer version of StreetSmart Pro.

2. Striving in Business: Schwab Co. was making profits in many times and losing in many other times. In 1982, had generated $54 million in revenues which led BankAmerica to acquire it for $57 million. Due to some internal conflicts, Schwab bought back...