The charley davison adventures.

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Hi my name is Sidney Pocket Jade. Not really, but that is what I like to call myself. I am cute as a button 'cept I don't think that buttons are very cute. I have yellow hair like the sun, and my big blue eyes could melt butter, that is what my mom says. My mom says that I have a way about me, I am not sure what that is, but I know that when I cry a little that I can get about anything. That trick must work for all girls cause it works for my mom too she can make my dad do anything with a couple tears. I just wanted to introduce myself cause that's what my mom says is pelite.

My mom her name is Becky, but when I call her that her pale skin turns red like a fire truck and her green eyes shoot bullets, my dad says but I haven't ever seen bullets but maybe when I am bigger then I can watch her shoot those bullets.

She likes it when I just call her mom so I try to do that. She is a real super hero she has the bestest kisses in the whole world cause they make all your ouchies go way forever.

My dad is really funny too he throws me up in the air and catches me. I like it when I go really high, but my mom is always ruining it and makes him stop. But when she is at work me and my daddy jump on the big bed together. Well I jump but my dad holds on to me and I jump really high. My dad looks like me, he is really skinny and had big blue eyes that can show up the sky...