Charlie and the chocloate factory

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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Charlie is a very sensible, mature and caring child whereas, the other children are greedy and eccentric. Through the novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl showed the reader that the most deserving was not the wealthiest, strongest or biggest, but the kindest and most loving out of them all, Charlie. The other four children were wealthy and strong but had no manners or morals. All the wealth and resources they had did not help them inherit Mr Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

In the novel, through the character of Charlie Bucket, Dahl showed the reader that Charlie was the most deserving child. He showed this by Charlie's kindness, obedience and humbleness. Charlie was not tempted by anything in Mr Wonka's factory even though he was poor and starving. Unlike the other four children who were wealthy and tempted. "You mean you are the only one left."

This proves that Charlie was the most deserving child.

In contrast to Charlie, Mike Teavee and Violet Beauregarde were undeserving of the factory. Dahl showed the reader this by their obsessive compulsive behaviour and their arrogance. Mike was a television addict. He hated being interrupted while he was watching television. "Can't you fools se I'm watching television? I wish you wouldn't interrupt." Violet was a gum chewing addict. She was always chewing gum. Her unhygienic ways were disgusting. "I munch it all day long except for a few minutes at mealtimes when I take it out and stick it behind my ear." Their obsessions made them undeserving of inheriting the factory.

Similarly, Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt were undeserving of inheriting the factory. They were both greedy and selfish people. Augustus was very greedy when it came to food. His hobby was eating. He drank out of the...