Charlie Chaplin.

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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, who was he? What did he do? How does he effect film today? Charlie Chaplin influenced and changed the history of TV and forever. He was the first comedian on film. Also he was known as a good director as an actor. He was a two in one person. People looked up to him and followed in his steps.

Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr., was born April 16, 1889 in Eastlane, Walworth in London; His parents were music hall performers, Charles and Hannah Chaplin. Charlie's first performance was as an unplanned substitute for his mother who was ill. Charles and Brother Sydney later went with their mother to enter in the Lambeth Workhouse for the poor. Few weeks later the boys were sent to Hanwell School for orphans. After this he soon joined Fred Karno's touring Stage Company with his brother Sydney. The tour was a musical called " The eight Lancaster Lads".

on May 13, 1901 Charlie's father Charles Sr. die. Soon after Hannah enters Cane Hill Asylum. She never permanently recovered her sanity after the incident with her husband. She died August 28, 1928.

In 1912 Charlie and Fred Karno's troupe went to perform in America which brought Charlie to New York. He decided to stay there. Later he signed a contract with Keystone and left for Hollywood soon after. His first movie was "Making a Living," His next film, "Kid Auto Races at Venice" was destined to change his entire career. He was wearing baggy pants, size fourteen shoes worn on the opposite foot, a jacket too small, and a bowler hat that kept falling off. He had a mustache trimmed down that barely covered the front of his upper lip. The famous walk which he rocked back and forth from one...