Charlie Chaplin in the movie City Lights

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The expansive force of the comic can be seen very often throughout the film. Charlie Chaplin has so many effects on characters in the film. The comic has such an impact on the rich man's life especially; he saves his life. In Bergson's words Chaplin would be considered a "social masquerade" when he pretends to be a fellow millionaire just like the rich man (89). When Chaplin is befriended by a drunk millionaire, Chaplin "masquerades" as a stuffy headed rich man just like his friend. They go to expensive restaurants and smoke cigars. The comedy lies in the fact that Chaplin is so unaccustomed to this lifestyle. He is not used to the surroundings of drunk people and drunk women acting like idiots. He even thinks someone stole his hat and coat when they are actually doing it out of courtesy.

The movie City Lights was a simple movie loaded with humor.

Out of everyday events, many comical events happened. Some of Bergson's ideas could be related to Chaplin's movie and explain why it is funny, but most people don't need an explanation to make something funny; it is just funny. This film is just comical without an explanation.

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