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It was the late 1970s. There I was, a youngster sitting in the warming glow of Farah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson coming from the cathode-ray tube, cursing God for not making me a girl. Charlie's Angels had a big impact on me. Although originally dismissed by the critics as "jiggle TV," it found an audience and went on to become a highly successful television show for six seasons. While there was jiggle, it was also one of the first television series to portray women in a proactive and powerful light. Over the 15 years since Charlie's Angels went off the air, the breadth of women's roles in film and television has evolved considerably. Would a movie based on the television series, have anything to contribute to the betterment of women? Not likely.

Charlie's Angels the movie, nonetheless makes a big impact. In this updated version, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu play the Angels.

The plot, though most definitely secondary, revolves around The Townsend Detective Agency (which employs the sexy Angels) taking on a case of the kidnapping of a high tech mogul. The case quickly devolves into a muddle of deception, double-crossing and personal revenge.

Within the first five minutes, after a breathtaking skydive stunt, Angel Alex (Lucy Liu) takes off her helmet and tosses her beautiful, silky black hair, in slow motion. Clearly, the spirit of the television show will be honoured. The strength of Charlie's Angels, is its pure entertainment value. If you go into the movie hoping for lots of martial arts fighting, loud explosions, and sexy women, you won't be disappointed.

Director McG deserves credit for the look of the picture. He was not the studio's first choice for director, but Barrymore (who also acted as producer) championed his cause. Although this...