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COURSE ASSIGNMENT inOrganization BehaviorTable of Contents1Assignment32Charlotte Beers' Organizational Behavior profile conduct43Charlotte Beers' leadership73.1Leadership style84the process of organizational change undertaken by Charlotte Beers at O&M125Bibliography151ASSIGNMENTThe assignment is referred to all the three modules: OB, Leadership and Organizational Change.

You have to provide only one case analysis. The analysis needs to contain:1) the case analysis concerning the OB profiles of Charlotte Beers conduct;2) the case analysis concerning the use of leadership by Charlotte Beers; in particular, questions to be addressed area) define C. Beers leadership styleb) how has C. Beers used leadership styles to enforce change at O&M?c) did C. Beers leadership style help her to convince managers at O&M?d) do you see any drawback in the way she used her leadership style?3) the case analysis concerning the process of organizational change undertaken by Charlotte Beers at O&M.

Based on this single case study analysis you will get grades for all the three modules (OB, Leadership, Organizational Change).

O&M was a prosperous advertising agency with constant growth until a hostile takeover by WPP Group in May 1989. As a consequence the CEO resigned and O&M lost some major accounts. Charlotte Beers, an outsider, was appointed CEO in April 1991.

2CHARLOTTE BEERS' ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR PROFILE CONDUCTFrom the text it is very difficult to conclude what kind of OB personality has Beers. However, judging from the leadership styles, described in the next chapter, Beers seems to be Extravert, see Table 1. Even though for some cases her strength comes from her inner world, quality of an Introvert. She was working late and she came up with the vision on her on, Beers recalled, "No one can focus on 22 things! I was so depressed, I stayed up all night and wrote a new list." But mostly she got...