Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide. The case describes how successful new CEO Beers takes over an old advertisement agency and revamps the institution.

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1 Recommendations

1.Define Brand Stewardship work procedures, provide coaching and training to gain support in the middle/lower management. Create an O&M-brand, use BrandPrint for O&M itself.

2.Align the organizational structures of the company by establishing profit centers. Focus the ERP system on worldwide CRM. Adjust the compensation system to reward brand thinking and brand management.

3.Recraft and connect the vision to O&M's core values, create a visible BHAG and specify tangible objectives. Establish symbols like the colour red and a brand hall of fame.

4.Create and man a global brand stewardship coordination officer position to support Beers and enable her to focus on selling the vision to the clients.

5.Resegmentize customers by focussing on building brands for large, globally operating Fortune 500 companies.

2 Rationales

2.1 Internal Propagation of the Vision

Propagation has top priority because of unbalanced internal and external situation.

To ensure a high quality of customer service, it is necessary to make sure that all parts of the service marketing triangle are equally prepared and committed to the new brand-oriented vision.

Currently, the management has already attracted a number of clients with the concept of Brand Stewardship, but has fallen behind in communicating its ideas and implications to the middle and lower management and to the front-line employees. This is hazardous, because it has built up a service promise to the customers which the company cannot fully keep and deliver at the moment. This will directly lead to significant customer dissatisfaction, hence it must be the top priority to propagate the vision internally.

Missionaries, training and communication are most effective for a top-down approach.

In order to find the most effective measures, it is essential to keep in mind that Beers has brought the vision to the company as an outsider and...