Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" Ch 27-36 Moor House Setting Analysis (Essay)

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Why do the people in some societies treat each other more fairly than the people in some other societies? In the novel Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte, the author reveals her thoughts about the fair treatment of everybody in Victorian society through the passage setting as well as the feelings, thoughts, and actions of the characters.

In this passage of the book, Jane's tone and characterization are both able to be described as being very accepting. This is shown by her getting to know the "inmates of Moor House" along with "lik[ing] them". (404) Jane Eyre is willing to let new people into her life especially because they let her into their lives. Also, when Jane claims that she "liked to read what they liked to read" it shows how she is doing what they are doing in hopes of getting their approval. This is because Jane accepts these people and figures them to be cool people that she chooses to bother herself with getting their support.

This accepting attitude leads towards everyone being treated as equals.

The social critique Charlotte Bronte imposes upon the reader in this section is that in a society of equals, everyone has a better attitude towards one another. There is no book throwing, no punching, and no being locked in a room for several hours. The author is revealing how in this type of society everyone is much more peaceful and how people who have been mistreated before, "like" this type of culture much better than the one in their past. (404) Ultimately, the author is trying to show how if women and men lived equally in society, it would be much more peaceful and people's health would be much easier to keep in the healthy range.

The author uses this...