The Chase

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The Chase It was a nice warm day in Somerset and something that people never thought would happen in that little town was about to happen. The word was out that there is a fugitive on the loose in the Somerset area. All the cops in the area are out looking for the fugitive. His name was Barry Blane. He was about 5'6" tall and 145 pounds. He is wanted for Murder and braking out of prison. The people in the prison say that he is small and quick so he'd be hard to catch. Be cautious around this man he is presumed to be armed and dangerous.

Two of Somerset's finest were on patrol. Everyone knows that these two are just trying to bring security to the people of Somerset in what they think will be just another day on the job.

Bob Johnson is the police captain and his partner is Lil' Beef Cake.

They're cursing around the lake when they see Barry Blane. They start to chase him. He see's them coming so he takes off. The chase is on. Barry Blane stolid a truck and thinks that he can go off road and try to get away, but Bob Johnson and Lil' Beef Cake just go also. Barry Blane comes across an old farmhouse with a family living in it on the backside of the lake. He runs into the house and takes a gun and puts to a young girl's head and takes her hostage.

Soon all the police in the area are there. They are trying to nogoshate with Barry Blane and it just doesn't seem to be working. Bob Johnson and Lil' Beef Cake decides that they can't wait any longer. So they sneak in the house from an up stairs window and they get down to the living room. That's where he's holding to little girl hostage and saying that he'll kill her if he isn't let go. He turns to look out the window and Bob Johnson runs toward him. He turns and sees them. Lil' Beef Cake runs in front of Bob right as Barry Blane shoots and hits Lil' Beef Cake, Bob takes him through the living room window. Barry turns to open fire on the police and they all shoot him. As all the bullets go into his body and he becomes swiss cheese, the blood starts to leak out of his body. He looks around and time seems to go by so slow and he turns back to Bob and says that he is sorry. He only wanted to be free and he didn't want it to come down to this. As he falls to the ground he shoots Bob in the leg and Barry hits the ground dead. Then Bob and Lil' Beef Cake were left only to make a trip to the hospital.