Chatcher In The Rye

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Have you ever wondered what happens in side of a teenager's head? The Catcher in the Rye is written in first person point of view. A teenage boy by the name of Holden Caulfied tells us a short story of about 3 days of his life. As he goes on his journey it turns out that he tells us his entire life. Holden is struggling through life and as he turns every corner something reminds him of something in his past.

Many critics believe that his life represent the life of many teenagers. As a teenager myself, I believe that this is almost entirely true. Although my life is not as complicated as Holden's I find that as I go through my day I have things happening around me that cause me to remember past events in my life as well. I haven't had quite the dramatic life as Holden has had; I've never lost anyone really close to me.

Something like that can really destroy one's mental and physical life. All teenagers have trouble we have to face everyday.

I find also that Holden tries to escape his life quite frequently. I try to do this often as well. I'll go to work early or just disappear till 2 in the morning. I mean I eventually come home; it's just the idea of running from our problems. Holden is just trying to get away. Another thing I noticed about Holden would be the fact he likes to drink. Most teenagers I know like drink. It's another way to escape our everyday life, or so TV and elders have influenced us. Ideally it makes our problems go away or makes us feel better. On the other hand getting pissed drunk out of my mind is just something that I don't recommend. It just causes more problems in the long run. Sure I'll go drinking but I don't drink stupidly, most people I know are pretty smart about it too.

Teenagers face hundreds of problems through out our experience of those interesting years. What powers a teenager are these problems. Whether it be drinking or running its how we live. I have found that as I have lived through almost most of my teenage years that I myself have found myself to be unsure sometimes. There are sometimes wehen I can't tell what is right or wrong or if I now something is right and that I have to do that one thing to save my ass I can't. I have to remind myself that it is the right thing and I have noticed right from the beginning of the novel Holden is the same way. Teenagers let their emotions get in the way of decision-making.

Holden is a typical teenager and the Catcher in the Rye is a great portrait of the live and times of a teenage boy.