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Gisselle B. Guzman Period 4 November 29

Weekly Update #3

What I did or tried to do: This week was bad. I didn't turn in my note cards in time except one and my weekly update was turned in late. Yes I know it' bad, but next week I'll try to turn in everything in time. When I tried doing my note cards I was running out of topics to write about, therefore I thought to myself that it was time to get a new book to continue writing my note cards the next week. This week I left everything to the last minute because I didn't do anything on Thanks Giving break. Now I know leaving everything behind isn't really such a good idea when you only have two days to do everything and complete. Next week will hopefully be a better week for me with the note cards and weekly update.

I plan on doing everything ahead of time and turning everything in time the day it is due.

What I learned or discovered: NON-FICTION BOOK #1: THE MARINES IN WORLD WAR II FROM PEARL HARBOR TO TOKYO BAY Polar Bear Patch When the United Stated Marine Corps goes to cold areas lack of sufficient winter stores, meant that the Marine Corps was forced to improvise much of the clothing worn. Marines purchased a large quantity of winter coats from Sears and Roebucks. Polar Bear Patch was worn on both left and right shoulders of the coats. Marines used the standard forest green wool overcoat to keep warm and not freeze. The Polar Bear Patch must have been very warm to keep the Marines warm and cozy in the cold winters. I wonder if the coat was heavy and make the marines work slower or not sufficient because...