Chaucer - Pardoner's Tale

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In Chaucer'sPardoner's Tale, the Pardoner justifies his behavior by saying, in effect, that even though he sins, he still has the power and the ability to dissuade others from sinning, thus serving society a good purpose. I agree with the Pardoner. He can have a positive influence on people with his sermons. Although there are both advantages and disadvantages in having a sinner sway the minds of many, with the knowledge and experience of being a sinner himself, the Pardoner is able to give advice from an impartial standpoint.

Possessing the gift of persuasion, the Pardoner can guide people to pursue a life under God. Even though a sinner himself, he can nevertheless disincline people to sin. The Pardoner has undergone a variety of situations. He has sinned, so he speaks from experience and wisdom. With the power of words, he is able to direct the thoughts of his followers and discourage them from sinning.

People tend to listen to people who talk from experience. Teenage mothers as well as AIDS patients can warn people about the consequences of unprotected sex, and people will listen. Their advice is taken seriously because they know. Ex-gang 'bangers' can tell stories of the effects of gang violence, and listeners will value the stories because they are real situations coming from real people. People who had unsafe sex and former gang members may be 'sinners', but their advice to others is very helpful. They contribute in the solutions to the problems of today's society.

There are some disadvantages from 'sinners' giving suggestions on how to live. The Pardoner can be seen as a hypocrite, and many people find hypocrites to be unsound role models. They are not credible sources for good counsel. Several people would most likely argue that highly esteemed figures...