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Chauvelin's Appearance: p. 122 "“ ""¦ that thin, fox-like mask." p. 82 - ""¦something in those pale, foxy eyes"¦." p. 199 - ""¦the outline of his thin profile and pointed chin"¦" p. 123 - ""¦the keen, fox-like face"¦" p. 62 - " "¦ a clever, shrewd-looking personality, with a curious fox-like expression in the deep, sunken eyes." p. 198 - ""¦his bony, talon-like hands"¦." Chauvelin's Thoughts: p. 198 - "Chauvelin wished that the fugitives should be left in false security waiting in their hidden retreat"¦" p. 92 - "He firmly believed that the French aristocrat was the most bitter enemy of France; he would have wished to see everyone of them annihilated." p. 199 - "He, above all, longed to have the cunning enemy, who had so baffled him"¦" What Others Say to or About Chauvelin: p. 227 - "Marguerite was not afraid of the darkness, she only feared that man, on ahead"¦" P.

122 - "That Satan, your master"¦" p. 199 - "Marguerite wondered how so much hatred could lurk in one human being"¦." What Chauvelin Says and Does: p. 89 - "He had said his cruel "˜either"”or"”' and left her to decide." p. 92 - "that aristocrats might have but one head between them, so that it might be cut off with one stroke of the guillotine." p. 250 - "the buckle-end of your two belts to this confounded Jew." p. 250 "“ "I think I can rely on you, citoyen soldiers"¦"