Che Guevara and a New Paradigm of Marxism This paper is regarding Che Guevara's separate brand of Marxism, ie: how he adpated Marxism to work in the Cuban jungles.

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Che Guevara and a New Paradigm of Marxism

Throughout history, political ideologies have continuously evolved. From the moment they are born into the world they are fluid in nature, constantly changing and defining just what it means to be part of them. Sometimes, they are products of changing world around them, and sometimes they are products of innovators, people striving to push ideologies in a certain direction. In the second half of the 20th century, socialism was pushed into new territory by just such a person. Seeking social change, Che Guevara sought to use a new Marxist-derivative as a tool in the liberation and unification of Latin America. Guevara's search for a new paradigm of Marxism resulted in a form of Marxist revolution differing from classical Marxism in three substantial ways. Firstly, Marx's view of the world was purely objectional, a scientific theory with an unvested interest in the proposed outcome.

Contrast this to Guevara, a humanitarian doctor, who upon touring South America and seeing the plight of inequality in his country, vowed to change it. Furthermore, they differed in method as well. Marx believed that the revolution would start in the cities as a product of the proletariat. Guevara however, was intent on using the farmers and displaced peasants to start a guerilla uprising in the countryside. Both of these points coincide with the final argument, that there is massive difference in the overall ideologies in terms of how they are applied to the surrounding world. Classical Marxism is a very dogmatic, bureaucratic ideology in terms of its explicit scientific steps to achieve the means. Guevara's Marxism could be argued as anti-dogmatic, in the sense that he takes nearly every step of Marxism and effectively turns it on its head to apply it to a given scenario. In the...