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What would you do if you found out or caught you boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife cheating on you? Would you stay with them or would you leave them? Could you ever forgive them or would you hold a grudge? Would you get revenge by doing the same thing to them? I have been with my boyfriend going on seven years now and in them he has cheated on me three times.

The first time, was a little over a year after we had got together. A week went by with him acting funny towards me before I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I met a girl at work that I think I'm attracted to and I slept with her." My heart felt as if someone had just crushed it. This news was just devastating. After this news we split up, but only for a week before he came asking me back.

He told me, "Breaking up with you was the worst mistake I've ever made. I'm sorry for hurting you, will you please take me back." So I forgave him and took him back, because I was miserable without him.

The next time happened about five months ago. He met some new friends at a pool hall we go to, and decided to go out drinking with them one night. He told me it was just guys going. The next day I seen him he had a hickie on his neck. I asked him, "Where did you get that?" He said, "Me and Jason were wrestling and he gave it to me." Which I fell for, because his friends have gave them to him before so I didn't think any different. Things went on for about a month before, I found out the truth. We were...