What is a cheater?

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Shontel, my sister,was involved with a miltary guy named Drew four about six months, during those months Drew led my sister to believe that he only wanted to be with her and no one else. But what she didn't know was that he was seeing her and another female named Kenya. Drew slowly started lieing to make time to see Kenya and started spending less time with Shontel. On one event Drew told Shontel that his family was coming into town to visit him and Shontel finally started to think he was cheating Because he wouldn't answer his phone when she would call, so she would call back to back. Finally someone picked up and it wasn't drew, it was Kenya. Shontel figured she had the wrong number so she hung up and tried again. This time drew answered and said that they needed to talk about a few things involving his ex-girlfriend.

Drew told shontel that Kenya was pregnant and the was having his baby. Shontel couldn't believe it, she didn't know what to say or think. Shontel was so shocked to the point that she had to hang up the phone. A few days later shontel received a phone call and it was Kenya explaining the whole situation. So, they got together and started to discussed the whole situation and realized that it wasn't neither of their faults and that it was Drew's because they were under the impression that they were the only ones in his life. They both decided that Drew should pay for what he did to the both of them, So they made a plan to see if he would lie again about the hole situation and course Drew did. Kenya came back in to Panama City, Flordia one final time to...