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Should we be allowed to cheat? I didn't get much sleep last night, because there was a wonderful movie on TV that I just had to watch. This meant I didn't have time to do my homework. Here I am now: 3rd period, English-test and I don't know the answers. If only Cathelijne would move her arm a little so I can see her paper and maybe copy a few answers, I'll promise to study better next time.

Everybody comes across situations like this at some point in their (school) life. There is no excuse for cheating, people should prepare for tests and should make them on their own so the grade portrays what they are really worth. But once in a while you know you deserve a good grade, because you studied hard, but at the time of the test you don't know the answers. At that point the only solutions seems to copy them from your neighbor.

Copying answers from your neighbor isn't the only way to cheat. Some people may prefer writing all the anwers on a tiny piece of paper and putting it in their pencilcase. Or maybe writing the translation to difficult words on your hand is the best way.

Either way I think cheating is a bad thing and teachers should punish students for doing so. I don't agree with punishing students by giving them a 1. By having the students who were cauht cheating repeat the test the next day alone will teach them more, they will have to study for the test again and by doing that they won't need to cheat.