Cheating to acheive success in college

Essay by bzplaya17 November 2004

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Great memories, good times, friendships, big sports games, crazy pranks on underclassmen, parties, fun community service programs, active dorm life, term papers, and lots of studying..... College life is not meant for everyone, but if it is for you, there is something you need to know. Cheating in college to achieve success is undesirable and dishonorable. A student who cheats to gain success at college will suffer severe punishments. Cheating can cause a student to lose his credibility and reputation. Cheaters in the end are only cheating themselves out of learning.

To start, the risks of cheating in college to achieve success are much higher because the punishments can be severe. Teachers can give failures on tests or research papers which would bring a student's GPA down and keep him from any honor achievements. Even worse, the student can be removed from class and be forced to take it again at his expense.

The most damaging consequence of cheating is getting kicked out of school.

In addition, cheating to gain success can cause a student to lose his credibility. Peers will frown upon a classmate cheating especially when they themselves have worked so hard to achieve success. Peers may even "rat" a cheating student out or begin to distrust him in all aspects of his life. Teachers will distrust a student who has cheated and will never look at him the same again. A cheating student could be labeled and lose all respect at a university after he has cheated. So, could it be worth it for cheaters to gain success if they also end up also earning a bad reputation?

Cheaters, in the end, are only cheating themselves out of true success, learning and gaining knowledge. A student desires to go to college to acquire knowledge, wisdom,