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The Journalism class at ROA was instructed to do an assignment involving "River Oaks Academy cheating." The purpose of this investigation is to gather statistics on ROA cheating, and on subjects which cheating is directly involved with. The sneaky and mischievous antics of cheating are going to be exposed, leaving its underground knowledge exposed for everyone. This exposé is constructed from various devices such as power point, the cheating related survey, and video clips with the help of interviewers and interviewees.


The Journalism of R.O.A. class created an eleven-question survey to examine the statistics of cheating done by the students of River Oaks Academy. The survey consisted of two demographic questions and nine that concerned the nature of the students cheating rituals. Most of the survey's questions steered toward a specific subject such as, Math, Science, English, Drama, and Journalism were given as choices to answer with.

Therefore, we can narrow the statistics down by subject, and tackle the instability that enables the problem to exist.

Another method that was used was confidential interviews. The interviews were taped and reviewed. The subjects interviewed were (to the best of knowledge) honest, because nothing said could reflect on them. Seven people were interviewed on tape and two were not. Because every student interviewed did admit to cheating previously, the accurateness of the interviews is believed to be 100% reliable.


To dig-up the statistics for the R.O.A. cheating scandal fourteen surveys were handed out, and returned successfully completed. The surveys were used to corner the target, or person taking the survey by only having specific answers to chose from. There was no apparent distinction between the male and female answers, except the question regarding gender. We gathered from the surveys that casual glancing claimed over 30% in the...