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Social- Two women with explosives committed suicide while at a music festival, killing 16 and wounding 50. This means that those who died will never be able to see or speak to the people they were close to. Those who were wounded will have to be in the hospital where their family and loved ones will come to visit them often. Some other terrorists took hostages in a Moscow theater. They killed 129 of their hostages and 41 Chechen commandoes. This also means that those 170 people that died wont be able to see or be with their closest friends or relatives. Bombings and attacks like this constantly tear families apart.

Political- During the music festival the terrorists killed 16 people. This proved that the Chechen resistance is a militant version of Islam which embraces suicide bombings. Excluding the theater massacre, there have been four other suicide bombings in Chechnya and the republic of North Ossetia.

This a large issue for both republic's government. What the outside world knows about Chechnya comes from Russian authorities. They have changed the story by saying it is a war against terrorists and Islamic fanatics, also by tracing the militants with Al Qaeda. This comes into part with the attacks of 9/11. The politics are raging during this time of crisis for Chechnya.

Economic- The Chechens have been fighting the Russians ever since they were defeated and added to the empire in the 19th century. This struggle goes back to the last days of the Soviet Union. This is considered a war between Chechnya and Russia. Since this war has been going on for many years, that means the cost of the war is extravagant. Chechnya probably doesn't have the right amount of money to over power Russia so they are lacking...